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Growing pet snacks

Dec 14, 2008
I think that we should be able to directly grow pet snacks. For the smaller snacks like corn and green grapes, you would have to craft the field from the first crafting lady.( her name flees my mind) the bigger ones like square watermelon and ape grapes would need to be planted on plots that would be crafted. And you could do delivery snack delivery quests to earn seeds, plant plots, and even mega snack seeds. The mega snack seeds could only be earned by very hard delivery quests and the items that they must be planted would be hard crafts that match the mega snack. For the yellow corn, you would have to craft a field, a stake, and a scarecrow. They would then be crafted together to create a place to plant the seed. Each one could only be used 2 times, and then it would wear out and fall apart. Tell me what you think please, and what other mega snack plots would you create?