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Gradening idea!!!

Jun 20, 2009
So here is an idea! You know how there are mana wisps that help you collect mana well why not have pet and gardening wisps. I dont think i will happen because then people wont buy crowns to refill there energy but still its better than nothing. i say its a great idea but i subscribe and dont have use or get crowns so whatever. But post your ideas on how to solve the disappearing gardening energy idea here!
Megan Seagem lvl 60 Storm

Aug 10, 2010
I think gardening and pet pips are a great idea. I don't like the fact that gardening reduces what I can use for pet training, and vice versa. I am belatedly working on getting my piggle to ancient, and gardening puts a real kink in that. It looks like it is going to come down to either pet training or gardening. I really like the gardening, but so far, pet training gets a wizard more than plant farming.

Having a pet health and a farming health would be nice, too. I cannot afford to be constantly buying more health so I can do both.

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