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Gardening Question

Mar 26, 2012
My friend has started gardening, we are the same level as wizards but he was only gardening level 6 when this question came about. He is gardening evil magma peas and so am I. He only has 5 likes for them and I have 6. I am gardening level 12. My peas go to elder in 3 days, I do have the pixie spell but he doesn't. I knew it would maybe take him a little longer to get his to elder than me because of the 1 difference in likes. But it has already been double the time. Our question is does this have anything to do with our difference in gardening levels or just the pixie spell? I really didn't think 1 like would make that much difference. We both have the red barn farm also. Every like is the same, except for I have the pixie spell and he hasn't gotten a pixie on his yet. Thanks!

Sep 17, 2012
Yes, likes stack basically the same as blades/traps so that one difference makes a big difference. Your case your likes adds up to 310% faster, his only adds to 259% faster. That 50% makes a big difference.

Mar 26, 2012
Gotcha, I see what you're saying. Thanks for the response!

Oct 22, 2011
Honestly, there isn't that much of a difference if you are missing one like. It also depends on how often the garden is taken care of ..... twice a day, once a day, every couple of days? If someone doesn't take care of their garden exactly the same every day at the same time, then yes, it can throw off the schedule.

Mar 05, 2013
Ok regarding likes can someone please answer this question. I have a Sunion on my Massive Fantasy Palace. Once it reached Mature, I've kept a Pixie on it constantly. Plus there is a Garden Gnome right next to it. Wizard101 Wiki says it takes 270 hours for that particular plant to go from Mature to Elder. That is roughly 11 days plus 6 hours. Well we're into day 13 on this particular Sunion and it's a ways off from Elder. I really wanted this plant to go to Elder sooner than later so I could plant one on my newly purchased Red Barn Farm, where I plan to do all my Gardening in the future. Any ideas why with 2 likes on this plant it's underperforming? I assure you I'm visiting it regularly and doing whatever it needs. Personally, I'm not convinced about the whole like thing with Gardening. But I'm educable, and would appreciate any constructive advice. Thanks!