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Gardening? Pffft What about weeds or U-Pick?

Nov 22, 2008
So I was thinking the other day as I was coming home with my cherries that I picked, "How cool would it be if we could have special seeds or U-PICK plots available to the players to get through questing." The next day I was weeding my real garden and though as this task was in progress, "What if I could weed in Wizard101? How cool would that be?" I proceeded to come up with weeding and U-Pick rules, and how to get the spell for them. Here's what I got:

  • You get the quest from Moolinda at Rank 10 Gardener
  • Moolinda says: "Young Wizard you have grown much in your studies of gardening, now you must learn more." "Ask Farley what he knows about what you once called 'U-Picking' here we call it Plant Sharing" New quest: U-Learn
  • You then speak to Farley who says"Young Wizard, Plant Sharing can't just be done on any plot, oh goodness, no!" "You must do so on a sharing plot. Of which i know nothing about,. Talk to the ghost of Sylvia Drake, Cyrus has her memory crystal and project her into the Life School Tower, she may remember better there."
  • You speak with Cyrus, who says "Oh it's you, young wizard!" Quest Complete: U-Learn "Sylvia's memory crystal? Of course I have it!" "Oh I see, you want it. Well............ I suppose you can have it for a favour." "Bring me bones from the rattler, the screams of a Screamer and the sword of a Seraph, once I have all these things you may have her memory crystal." New Quest: Memory Lane
  • You must fight Rattlebones, and Scarlet Screamers again and ask Lady Oriel for her sword. Upon return Cyrus says "What? You did it? Well I'll keep my word." Quest Complete: Memory Lane "Okay now go to the life tower and cast the following spell on the crystal" "Professor Drake reveals to you a spell of temporary freedom memories." "Go! Now!" New Quest: Sylvia's Lesson
  • You go to the Life Tower. "You cast the spell and Sylvia Drake appears" "Hello, dearie. How may I help you?" "A Plant Sharing Gardening spell? Certainly!" Quest Complete: Sylvia's Lesson New Gardening Spell: Plant Sharing Plot-Small

  • Rule 1: All plants under rank 7 cannot get weeds
  • Rule 2: Weeding takes the following Quest
  • Moolinda: When you're at rank 7 "My dear, it is time to learn about weeds. Ask Farley for more information"
  • Farley: "Why, hello young wizard, been a long time science I seen you!" "Whats that? Weeds? Well if Moolinda thinks your ready........." "Take a look at the plant with weeds over there"
  • : "This pland looks moderately healthy however there are weeds in the dirt around the plant." "Plants in need of weeding will have this symbol above their head" (<--- had a picture of weed Icon in circle) (Goes back to plant in next scene) "Most of the time weeds are harmless, however the higher a level of plant the harder weeds affect it."
  • Farely: "What did you learn?" "Interesting, well here you go!"
  • Rule 3: Weeding a plant constantly ensures that the elder harvest will reap 2 times the rewards
Hope You enjoyed! And as I always say: Don't forget to have fun!

Mar 12, 2013
I would love to be able to care for my garden using multiple wizards.

I also had my hopes up when Narley had a quest for me in ZF and I saw the EMP's growing next to him. Sadly, he didn't need me to help him harvest them, and he definitely didn't have any spare seeds.

Jul 18, 2010
That's so cool!!! To make gardening a bit more interesting. I love your storyline and quests. Creative thinking weeding sounds like fun something new and realistic to our life