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Gardening on second account

May 31, 2009
My wizards on my other account are just getting xp and no drops, Then the XP stop and now the plants are just harvesting with no xp no drops nothing, I stop harvesting and soon stop gardening. I can understand on one account this happening but now on my second account also.

Gardening needs to be looked at.......

Community Leader
I would check and see if your xp bar is registering xp. Take a screenshot of your gardening xp bar, in garden mode then the next time you harvest take another and see if the xp goes up.

May 31, 2009
This morning I harvested several purple grapes and got drops and XP, after several plants the drops stop and was just getting XP. So I stop harvesting. I had about 20+ purple grapes and now in third day trying to harvest cause the drops and XP are not right.
Yesterday I went to my second account and it is doing the same thing, When plant is ready to harvest you might get a drop or you might not. I have planted my last garden for a while. I have never had this happen in my time playing Wizards, Gardening has always been fun and good up till a few weeks ago.

All my wizards have plants needing Harvesting but if they harvest they will most likely not get anything as drops or maybe XP. So I let the plants sit there needing Harvesting. I have cleaned out Pack, sold treasure cards, I even sold seeds to make room for new seeds when they are drop, but still I have same problem. No drops and at times no XP.