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Gardening - Not for the Weekend Wizard!

Aug 17, 2009
WARNING: Weekend wizards should not bother with gardening.

The programming of the garden update has left out the majority of users in that it requires vigilant watching and tending. On top of that large gardens seriously bog my computer down (Intel i7 with 6Gb RAM). Gardening needs some serious rethinking.

Should plants go into death mode within 24 hours of tending? Better question is, should a weekend trip to grandmother's be cause for concern? I had a silver trumpet vine that was suicidal. After careful planning (as if you could plan for the numerous contingencies programmed into these things), and constant tending (4 times daily over a 3 month period), the unexplained "death mode" was the limit. Upon reaching gm gardener, I gleefully PLOWED those stinkers!.

The "yields" on plants are dismal considering the gold/crown, time and effort involved. A 600 gold snap dragon that after a week of tending yielded a whopping 2 reagents that I could have quickly bought for 30 gold from any reagent dealer across the spiral? A 3000 gold frozen fly trap yielded a handful of diamonds? Other plant yeilds were just as much of a joke. Farming bosses or the bazaar has a much better and quicker return rate.

If you wish to provide "helpful hints," on better gardening strategies, seriously do the numbers on these things before responding. I have a full set of liked furniture and permanent liked plant statues set up just for testing gardening (cuts down on time to elder and overall needs of plants). I have tested various "maximum" layouts.

The bottom line, KI, please fix this update to be more user friendly to all users. As it stands, only power users that scour the fan sites for helpful hints, and those willing/able to tend them at least twice daily can garden.