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Gardening, Like it or not?

Jul 28, 2009
Okay so do you like gardening or not? Now for me I love gardening, here I will give some reasons why I like it

1. The plants are so unique.
2. It gives you a responsibility to take care of something.
3. It's fun to show off your plants to all your friends on the game.
4. You can show off your awesome gardening level with a cool new badge :D.

So yea, those are my reasons why I love gardening. Also you can post your favorite plant here. My favorite plant is the Baby Carrots. I love them so much because they so adorable.

And right now I'm am an expert gardener I haven't seen many grandmaster gardeners around here anymore so if you can tell me if you are a grandmaster Gardner that would be great. So yea, I think that's all. Oh yea also about the grandmaster Level you can also tell me your garden level to so yea, go ahead and post away!

Destiny DeathBlade
Level 58 Myth :)

Feb 29, 2012
Been gardening since I figured out how the pet training process works.
Mainly grow a 32 plant EMP garden.

I think I am legendary gardener, or whatever the max level is called now. Level 15.
I get it confused with crafting, which I found to be more challenging, mainly sniping for fossils for the Spirit caller drums. Have not messed with amber yet.
Favorite plant for what it gives are the EMPs. Love the rank 9 pet snacks.
Favorite looking plant is without a doubt the tiger lily. Just a cute plant, and this is coming from an adult male! Especially like how it gets excited at harvest.

In the future, I will probably grow white tiger lilies, due to the possible drop of amber. The Deer Knight spell would mean another AoE for me.

Chris Nightwraith
Transcended Necromancer

Jul 28, 2010
It's really easy to get grand master gardener. I myself am one. I mainly farm crown plants that I got from drops.

Evil magma peas and deadly helephant ears give you mega snacks at elder.

Then there is other plants that give regents such as king parsely.

If you want a cheap plant that has a chance of giving mega snacks you can farm a large amount of prickly bear cactus.

Jul 28, 2009
Jun 08, 2011
I'm a Grandmaster Gardener. I used to have a huge garden in my Life House, but then I started enjoying pet training--and by the time I finished gardening, I would always have no energy left to train my pets :( I finally gave up gardening for pet training; it had just become too stressful. Wish I could have more energy.
I might start gardening again now though :) . As for favorite plant, I've always kind of liked the laugh-o-dils.

Apr 11, 2012

My favorite plant is the Couch Potatoes. It's just so funny how you can grow a couch and TV right out of the ground!

I also like the Angora Bunny Ears and the Prickly Bear Cactus.