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Gardening Info - Star Chalice

Jul 30, 2012
I crafted several star chalices for my King Parsley. I didn't realize how big they are! Does one effect a significant area? Does effect disapate with distance? Or do you place them all around?.

Oct 22, 2011
LOL. Yeah, the Star Chalice is big and awkward. Depending on the size of your garden, only one of them is necessary.

I have more than one 30-plot garden of King Parsley. I use one chalice per garden and it covers all the plants. Any extra chalices are just decorations in my houses.

Dec 20, 2010
I have found that if your plots are close together and a "like" is placed on one edge, it will affect all plants in that group. In my garden, i have medium 6 plots side by side, and a "like" placed at the end of that line affects all 6 plots. So technically, a "like" can affect 6 medium plots in all directions.

Another scenario:

I have 24 medium enchanted soils plotted that fit with-in the large spell ring, a small gap, then another identical 24 plot grouping beside that. The "like" placed in the gap between the two large spell ring "footprints" affects all 48 plants within the two groups.

Dec 16, 2009
One star chalice affects an entire area, I assume it is equivalent to the "Large" size (ex: Bee Swarm, Grand Magic)

Feb 18, 2013
I have mine placed on the outside edge of my Large area garden, and it covers the whole area.

Yea, they are huge!

Jul 30, 2012
Hey thanks very much wizards! Awesome info, saving me buckets of time!

(I really didn't want to have to experiment to figure this out). Thanks again.