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Gardening ideas for KI

Aug 05, 2012
After one year of gardening and figuring it all out, I have some suggestions that would keep wizards motivated to garden, especially for the reagents and pet snacks and gold and treasure cards:
Pet energy should really be separate from Gardening energy.

Some of the rewards from harvesting should be "energy point cards" to be used to purchase more energy (pets or garden). (will motivate wizards to take care of plants and be of help to those without crowns)

The icons for watering can and flute above the plants can hardly be visible if the background is dark or complex. Please change these colors to something bright!

If attached decks and porches are part of the "land" items, and not the castle items, why won't the global gardening spells work on plants on the decks and porches?

Please fix the pest spell for rank 1 pests--the cloud is so thick, one cannot see the icon needs for the plants!

We need higher ranking pet snack recipies (7 and above) also as well as drops from harvesting.

I'm still so amazed and impressed at KI's creativity. There is still always a surprse when I play and something new to learn. I really enjoy chuckling when I get a new pet or plant and seeing what KI has done to them. I realize there are some player issues, but so far I've just worked my way around and thru them. Remember that this is ultimately a game for enjoyment and fun! So have some fun!