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gardening costs to much

Aug 29, 2009
All the high advanced gardening spell are costing way to much pet energy. I barely have enough to do my gardening and all my plants are dying cause i don't have the energy to take care of them.
Please lower the amount of energy that each spell costs or give us more energy!

May 01, 2010
I totally agree. Sorry Professor's. But after the frustration, and anger of that crafting has put me through. I decided to quit crafting. i won't do it again until it becomes more fun through ease. My Necromancer is level 60. Now there is nothing more for me to do. Lately all I've done is farm for items to sell to buy furniture for my houses. But you know what? I'm getting bored. Fast. It's a shame because I really liked this game. Until there was nothing more to do than fly around searching for hours for reageants, and no matter what world world your in, it's monotonous. I worked on the first crafting quest for DS for about a month. It was very unpleasant. The reward for this was another even more unpleasant quest, and not even 2500gp. Wow. Really?

I won't touch gardening because it's energy based. If i wanted to waste my time on waiting for energy to refill for gardening I wouldn't be playing Wizard 101 I would be playing Farmville. But I do not play Farmville because I absolutely despise waiting for energy.

I was excited about something new to do in the game at first. But crafting and gardening sytem has killed this game for me. The rest of the family feels the same. We are strongly thinking of un-subscribing. There's just no more fun it or anything to look forward to after level 60. (Which used to be 50)

Nov 12, 2010
Energy based hobbies make KI money. I'm actually surprised that the crafting panel doesn't require it as a resource (oops now it will).

And yes KI is in the business to make money, but just like with every other business enough is never enough, just ask the banks.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
I agree that gardening is too expensive. The rank 4 and 5 pest spells cost more than a house! That is insane! There is no way a gardening spell should cost more than a house. All of my gold I was saving is wiped out because of this.

And as a level 8 gardener, I am always running out of energy long before I can take care of all my plants--especially if they end up with a rank 3, 4, or 5 pest. One big pest and my energy is completely used up. I either let my plants wilt, or pay crowns to tank up. Well, I may be willing to pay 250 crowns once in a desperate while, but NOT every single day! I can't afford to pay 250 crowns on a daily basis.

I really feel that gardening was tested only to about level 2 or three, by Master and Grandmaster wizards. It very much seems that gardening was NOT tested for lower level wizards (those of us who are Adept, Journeyman or Magus, who never have enough energy); nor was it tested all the way to high levels of gardening like levels 8-10.

The energy needs are too great, even for Legendary wizards. I am unable to care for my plants because I run out of energy too soon. The gold and energy cost, and the availability of higher ranking gardening spells are vastly out of reach of Adept or Journeyman wizards (who may still reach levels 8-10 in gardening and thus require those impossible-to-get high ranking gardening spells).

I hope professor Falmea will ask about gardening on one of her Feedback Fridays so we can point this out. (Hint, hint)

Sophia Soulmender - Grandmaster, Rank 8 Gardener (and broke)
Kestrel Lifehunter - Magus, Rank 8 Gardener (and broke)

Jan 01, 2009
I managed to reach GrandMaster Gardener without buying all of the big spells. The most expensive growing spell I purchased was for the level 5 pests. The rest of the basic growing spells (water, magic, etc) worked just fine for me.

I did invest in being able to plow the small, medium & large enchanted plots but that was because I wanted to grow certain plants that needed them for the cards they gave me. It is possible to earn GrandMaster witout spending a lot of money...or using all of your energy. It will take you longer but it IS POSSIBLE!

You can spend little on gardening and still get the job done. You just have to plan well. Make the most of arranging your plants so that the pests spells will cover more plants when you use them.
Decide what plants you want to grow for the rewards they give and get just want you need to grow them. Sell the items harvested that you do not want and reinvest the funds back into your garden. Do not make your garden any larger than you can easily take care of with one ball of energy.
If your working on earing your Gardening badges, and eaving enough energy is a problem, then hold off on your pet training until you earn the badges your want.
Take advantage of the Gardening Guides that players have posted on the Wizard101 Central Forums. They are very helpful!!!!

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
After 4 GM gardeners, I decided to see how fast you could advance without the hugh garden 'addiction' I had on previous characters.

I now have a level 5 gardener, three plants at most,,,,and all level 1, both plants and spells.

It does work. But as a mature individual I had to decide, 23 energy per day (2 x 3-energy spells/plant x 3 plants plus a 5-pip pest spell), and work on pets, etc, or go mad with more plants. No one ever said you had to rush the gardening, or go for higher energy cost plants. I did that on my first gardener (and the crowns did flow)...now I have had the light turned on.