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Gardener idea

Jan 11, 2012
Ok, so I've been gardening for a while now, and enjoy it. I enjoy the treasure cards and snacks I get from it. I don't find it a chore to do at all, especially since my pet is maxed on levels right now. I think it could be improved though. I think that gardening needs a few quests. The quests would yield you new spells to add to your gardening deck - like new versions of the same spells with different sizes of fields it can affect, or some combination cards that can do both magic and sun, or water and pollination. In Zafaria, you would finally get a reward of a Gardener for your home.

The gardener would:
1) automatically, twice a day, tend your garden with whatever it needs, provided you have the card in the gardener's deck to perform the task and the energy available.
2) It would perform all tasks with the utmost efficiency, knowing the difference between needing a spell that covers 4 plants, or ALL plants.
3) if it couldn't perform a task, it would give you an alert, like those of Merle asking you to come to his house, telling you something went wrong. The message would then tell you what you needed; more energy, to buy a new card, etc
4) It would only tend those things that were PLANTED. It would NOT replant items or create new plots for plants.
5) Would notify you when your garden is ready to be planted again

New Menu Options:
1) remove or heal dead plants in the options screen (which could happen if you used the gardenener in the middle of a garden's "life")
2) ability to shut gardener off so it wouldn't negatively impact your pet training

Benefits the gardener would get:
1) It would auto collect all items for you, but have a limited storage space. Would have a bank of 10,000 gold, and 40 slots; for any combination of cards and seeds (and one slot can hold an unlimited number of that item, but only hold unlimited numbers of those cards and seeds - so if you got a laff-a-dill seed, it could hold unlimited quantities of that one seed).
2) An area increase of the spell field. A 1 plant spell would affect 4, a 4 would affect 9, a 9 would affect 16, a 16 would affect 25, and so on.
3) 25% reduction of energy cost per spell