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farming seeds

Apr 11, 2011
i'm making a farm in my island getaway, so can anyone tell me where is the best place to farm for seeds? i'm lvl 75 right now.

Feb 29, 2012
Well you have to let us know what types of seeds you are looking for.
For crafting I farmed for King Parsleys, they may drop amber, drop their own seed at elder, and may drop one at mature.
For those I farmed the boss in the DS past, Vault 1933 or something. Forgot the guys name but farming was pretty straightforward.
For snacks, I farmed for Evil Magma Peas. There are a couple of posts of who you can farm for them. I got 2 from Caeron the Firesplitter (sp?). It is the dragon in Caer Lyon in Avalon.
My basic seed farming technique is to find a boss that only drops the seed you are looking for, that way you aren't getting a seed drop and worrying if the seed is the one you want. Or at least farm the ones that drop very few types of seeds.
Good Luck!