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Epic plants

Aug 10, 2009
Hi everyone! I have an idea for new plants! I was thinking first, a professor plant, which is basically a squash that wears a pointy hat like a novices first hat. Then it has arms and a magic wand. It occasionally could cast a random garden spell like sunshine or mist. I know, if it did that, it'd have to be a really high rank seed! So the second one I thought is Banana Farm plant. Its a banana wearing a farmer costume standing next to a mini farm (Requires large plot) and raking the soil. The next one could be Uni-Corn. A normal thing of corn, thats shaped like a unicorn. Nothing special, just a nice name
Another one could be Book-Fruit. A fruit thats shaped like baby carrots, but in the middle is an orange book. Yea, carrots aren't fruits. But I said that it looks like baby carrots. Just the carrots no face no bib, no fork, you know what i mean. Thats all I can think of now, so I hope you support my idea!
Nicholas GoldenBreeze
Level 28 Pyromancer
Nicholas DragonFlame
Level 70 Theurgist