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Energy required for gardening

Aug 19, 2010
I think that the max energy ( 70) provided is still insufficient for gardening requirements. Either the energy requirement for casting gardening spell should be reduced to say 5 energy for large area spell. Becaue i dont see any point in spending 250 crowns to refill energy every time. Or ki can come up with other ideas so that wizards can refill energy without spending crowns.

This way we dont have to see our dear plants wilt due to lack of energy. :(

Destiny P.

Legendary Pyromancer

Nov 17, 2010
yea, i felt the same way. i got to grandmaster gardener and never gone back to do it again.

another thing is, if you got a pet to train and you have a garden, there is no way to do both. even gardening you need just to plant a few at a time or you wont have enough energy to finish.

i dont know they would make you use 25 energy on one spell alone when you only have 70 (unless you buy clothe that give you more energy). never mind using that same spell twice. it kinda sux, thats why i've never gone back.

they should really add another jar for gardening only and split the pet energy.