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Energy for Gardening and Pet Ranking

Mar 08, 2009

If game designers refuse to increase the amount of Energy for Gardening and Pet Ranking then how about making energy available to wizards other than just crown purchase or just waiting for Energy to restore itself on its own? Not all us have rich parents that provide for us and allow us such luxuries as Wizard101 memberships and endless crowns. Many of us actually go to school and work in order to provide ourselves with what many would consider frivolities.
Or heres another suggestion that other wizards keep throwing at you, why not make seperate energy compartments, one for gardening and another for pet ranking?

As a benefit to our Members, we increased Energy refresh for anyone who has a currently active recurring subscription.

Since you are already a current Member, your Energy refresh is twice as fast as non-Member players.

I'm sorry you don't feel that it refreshes fast enough, however, it's a 'time vs crowns' issue. If you don't have the Crowns, it will take more time. If you don't have the time, spend the Crowns.

We also offer our players ways to Earn Crowns through the Trinity survey that is currently ongoing, http://www.wizard101.com/home/game/xtri
and you can Earn Crowns through the Invite-a-Friend program at https://www.wizard101.com/game?context=iaf

Nov 01, 2010
I work full time and have two kids. i also have 35+ plants in my garden and leveling 2 pets. I have no problem with the refresh timer and i hope KI never seperates it. Thank you for increasing the timers for this as well as crafting for us paying subscribers, its nice to get an unexpected bonus like that.

Thank you KI and please keep up the great work !

Jun 23, 2010
I keep small gardens and balance what I do. On high needs days in my garden I don't train pets.

Mike Strath (Sorry if I misspelled you name Mike.) suggested having one wizard do nothing but, train pets. Pets can be transferred back and forth when you sign off for the evening after gardening or training to use up energy. Your energy will be full when you sign on in the morning. This is a great and sensible solution. :D

I used to think the energy should be separate. I no longer do. There are all kinds of solutions. You just need to think outside the box. You might try a search here to find more solutions or ideas. There have been a few threads.

I too thank KI for the recent speed up in energy refill. It has certainly made a positive difference. I choose to invest time rather than crowns. We can't have all.