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Does your house effect your gardening success

Feb 16, 2010
Some of my fellow wizards and I have noticed that some plants seem to do better at certain houses. But we kind of thought it was an off the wall observation, or maybe it was just our imagination. So I did a test. The biggest study I did was with Evil Magma Peas. I planted them at the Wizard City Royal Playhouse, the Life house, the Myth house, the Krokotopian Desert Villa, the Mooshu Imperial Palace, the Massive Fantasy Palace and the Sultan’s Palace. All had the drum, gnomes, and Firey Boomshrooms with Pixies, so 4 likes at the start of the study. I planted 4 seeds at most locations to account for the difference in growth rates between plants and all seeds were planted within about 30 minutes of each other. The Royal Playhouse took an early lead, but the Life and Myth house were closely tied for second (even though the Life and Myth house seeds were planted first). However by the time the study ended, the Sultan’s Palace and the Krokotopian Desert Villa resulted in the fastest elder harvest, as well as being less needy plants. The Royal Playhouse, the Life house and the Myth house were all about the same coming in closely second. The Massive Fantasy Palace seeds were slightly slower, but not excessively slow. The big surprise was the Mooshu Imperial Palace. The peas planted there matured a full day and a half later than the others.

Based on what I saw, I would say that choice of housing does indeed play a significant role in the success of gardening, both with respect to speed of maturity to elder harvest and in the neediness of the plants. I suspect different plants will do better with different housing. Has any one else seen an effect like this? If so, please post your plant and which housing you are using.

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I said this on wizard101 central, I'll repeat it here.
I swear my cactus bears do not like my life house but love my balance house. I get better rewards and they grow much faster. My couch potatoes did better in my CL orbs house than they are doing in my sultan's palace. There is logic here I know it.

Many of us are noticing this too and are beginning to wonder if the house has effects too.

Feb 16, 2010
Thanks Paige,
Yes, I saw your reply on Central. Since not everyone reads in both places, thought I'd post it here as well and see if we got some more response. Plus the topic was a bit hidden on Central since I posted this in response to something else. I too believe there is more to the effect of housing.