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Cross Polination

Sep 07, 2010
Well, I was kinda bummed about hitting rank 10 gardening. Now I don't have much else to do except think about the things to come to the spiral in the future like possibly cross polination.

I know from growing a garden myself that plants need to be spaced oout from each other because of cross polination. But some really cool plant combinations can be made by planting the seedlings too close to another species.

What would be awesome is if you could plant two plants together, one a fire plant and one an ice plant, and it would produce a hybrid capable of producing a reagent or card of the same rank, from the opposite school.
Like a helephant ear being able to produce an Ice Colussus or Grendelweed

Jun 08, 2009
that would be awsome you should really post that in the dorms it a really good idea but more of a really cool radom style like it would look like a random combination of them and would give a random card but still yours is a really good idea post it in the dorms

May 31, 2010
Great idea. That would be cool to do cross polination and get some different looking plants.It would be the new hatching,but without all of the gold and the worry. Maybe there would be a minigame for it too. But there would be limits, of course. I can see this getting into the game in the future. It would give the game the game a more realistic feel and get a deeper experence. just an idea. :)