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Complaints on Plants ... they are messed up

Aug 21, 2009
Even though I am kind of glad that plant harvest times have been increased from every two hours or so I am equally upset they have been increased to every sixteen hours or so even when you have everything a plant likes and enjoys next to it in order to help make it grow. In terms of timing what most players want is to have enough time to leave the game and be able to sleep and go to school or work and so on without losing harvests and without having our plants be heavily infected, thirsty, or whatever. This means average harvest time with stuff plants enjoy around them should be around eight hours and up to ten to twelve hours without stuff they enjoy. Players can log on two or three times a day easy enough to tend plants and train pets. As it stands now, I have plants that I have planted over four days ago that still aren't mature yet.

The medium and large casting effect areas also need to be increased. I've planted everything as close together as I could in order to use area of effect cards, but I normally use the single plant effect cards cause the energy costs of the medium and large area cards are more costly in terms of energy consumed for the areas they cover than tending each plant individually. The medium area of effect cards are very difficult to use as their effect areas are very small. The large area of effect cards are easier to use but often don't save on energy consumption.

Apr 25, 2009
Aug 21, 2009
Not all plants are giving experience upon harvest which to me is a huge bug or at least a mistake. It is totally unfair to not get experience at harvest expecially upon elder harvests (and expecially on crown plants) where the long tended and cared for plant dissappears after. What is the point of even getting crown plants when you aren't even guaranteed experience from them?