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Cam I MOVE pots once they are placed?

Feb 22, 2011
I have placed pots around my dorm room but would like to reorganise them to take better advantage of the better spells (hitting 3 pots instead of 1 with a rain spell etc.) I can't figure out how to move pots! I've tried picking up all objects in my room but they weren't moved... Also, if I buy a house will my pots come with me?

Sorry young Wizard, but you cannot move potted plants. Once the plant has been elder-harvested (or plowed over), you can once again pick up and move the pot, but as soon as you put a seed in it, you can no longer move it.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
If the plants are easily replacable, you could always plow them under, move them, and then replant. If they are expensive, just don't replant once you elder harvest until you can move all of them.

The casting cost 8 isn't all that great a savings for three plants (3 x cost 3), so usually just waiting is best.