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Bug: Roger the Shrubber Quests not Available

Aug 09, 2012
I have now completed Avalon and have proper access to Azteca. I have all of the Avalon badges (including Avalon Explorer and Hero of Avalon). I do not have access to the "Between Two Shrubs" in Dun Dara.

Some facts:
1. Roger the Shrubber is nowhere to be found. Not in Dun Dara. Not at his place next to Siban in Abbey Road.
2. Sumner Fieldgold has no quests for me (she will, however, show me her wares)
3. Sir Perry Gilliam does not give me quests
-- Sir Perry Gilliam is NOT in the High Road
-- Sir Perry Gilliam is in Caliburn at his tent but does not talk to me
-- Sir Perry Gilliam is in Abbey Road at the round table but does not talk to me

I really want the Eternal Spring spell that Rodger the Shrubber gives. How can I get around this bug? I found several references on Google to exactly the same issue but no one had a work around listed.


The quest "There's the Shrub" has been added to your quest journal.

Aug 19, 2011
dear prof greyrose , just like jogstarlene, word for word i am having the same glitch or whatever the problem is . i cannot, after doing everything possible to find the "there's the shrub" quest, and wandering for two days in circles to find roger and repeatedly going back to sumner fieldgold. nothing . could you please help me fix this?

Oct 22, 2011
If I remember correctly, I believe you must be at least a level 10 gardener before you can receive the Roger the Shrubber quest.

However, if you are a level 15 gardener, there is a glitch in which some may not receive the quest. In these cases, the best answer is to contact KI support and have them give you the quest.