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Be able to plant trees

Dec 08, 2010
I have an idea to be able to plant trees! These trees will look different then the furniture ones. You use the same spells s you do with plants. These trees can give gold, pet snacks, and regeants (Mega snacks too). When these trees are ready to be harvest, the items will be in the tree. For example if there was gold on the tree, it be in a bag of gold. Pet snacks would show the pet snack icon.

Rank 1 plants would give gold
Rank 2 plants would give gold and sometimes regeants
Rank 3 plants would give gold,regeants, and a low chance of pet snacks
Rank 4 plants would give gold, regeants, And a high chance of pet snacks
Rank 5 Plants would give gold, regeants, pet snacks, and low chance of mega snacks
Rank 6 plants would give Lots of gold and high chance of mega snacks, and ok regeants
Rank 7 plants would give lots of gold, lots of mega snack packs, and good regeants.

Tell me what you think in you comments!! ;)

Destiny LightBlossom Legendary Life