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Baby Carrot no like Toy Train???

Aug 05, 2011
I had this Toy Train forever before learning it actually had a benefit to something besides looking way neat...

I've placed some Baby Carrots next to some desparagus. There is also a garden gnome there to keep everyone company. :-)

The Desparagus LIKE the Baby Carrots.
The Desparagus LIKE the Garden Gnome.

The Baby Carrots LIKE the Desparagus.
The Baby Carrots LIKE the Garden Gnome.

I read all over that the Baby Carrots "LIKE" Toy Train, yet I have one placed right there as close as can be, and yet neither of them seem to show a LIKE towards it.

Did a recent patch mess with this "LIKE"?

Mar 06, 2010
it has to be the larger toy train which is crafted, the recipe is from grizzleheim crafter. In other words, the small one doesn't work.