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Angel Oak

May 31, 2009
Planted this seed three of them, and its been almost a week and nothing. I have not even had pest it seems. This looks like a SLOW growing plant and perhaps care is also slow. I give it another week if it doesnt produce its got to go.
Also planted Huckleberrys, they do not give you much in return. Seems the plants {Huckelberrys} need more attention than return on them.

Feb 24, 2009
May 30, 2011
Well you look at the fan sites they can give you lists of plants and what they like or dislike. All plants don't like stink weed that i know for sure and huckleberries only drop seeds because that is what they are suppose to drop.

if your looking for treasure cards drops the venus fly traps, bloom shrooms, ninja figs any variety of the plants give treasure cards at the adult stage.

bell peppers, king parsley,fickle pickles,grapes of wrath and key limes and variety of theses give pet snacks at the adult stage mostly

snap dragons,keylimes,huckleberries reagents and seeds alot at adult.
some plants drop treasure cards,pet snacks,reagents and seeds at adult or elder.

you might want to llok at some of the they might be what your looking for in a garden.

Feb 24, 2009
Oh yes, forgot to provide you with more information: Its a work in progress page, so if you can, please post your rewards, editing shouldn't be to hard. (I have over 500 contributions on the site, so I speak from experience :P)