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Advice on Couch Potato farm?

Apr 04, 2016
Hey, I just recently got into gardening and I want to start a couch potato farm. But I have some questions:

1. I know you can buy them for crowns, but can you get them in Grizzleheim? I've heard that a specific enemy drops it
2. What gardening spells should I have to make sure my couch potatoes are happy?
3. Is there anything I should put around them to make them better?

and any other advice would be appreciated! I also want to know if I should visit and harvest during mature or only elder when the megasnack is given

Sep 17, 2012
They drop from the mobs in Savarstaad Pass, Grizzleheim; the Splithoofs are popular for farming. Easy to care for, needs are water, music and level 1 pests. Harvesting during mature will give you mid level snacks and TC to sell for loads of gold. Litter, Garden Gnome, Sandwich Station and King Parsley for likes.

Mar 25, 2011
1. Almost all enemies in Savarstaad pass drop couch potatoes. Low chances, but a great way to farm for them. The troubled warriors are easiest to farm from.

2. I like using the dragonflies treasure cards in the bazaar to keep any pests off of them for about 48 hours, I believe. They prevent rank 1,2 and 3 pests! Great spell!

3. Red Barn Farm! All plants love that house! Otherwise, they like sandwich stations (from bazaar), litter (also bazaar) and tropical lawn gnomes (Farley or bazaar)! They also like the King Parsley plant if you don't mind adding it to your plot.

You should visit them at least once a day, if you can, for a harvest and usually within three days if you add nearly all of the likes listed above, they will be elder! Pretty quick!

If you can, stack your plots to get more mega snacks faster. There are many youtube videos on how to do it. Try to have at least 60 energy on your wizard to ensure you can take care of their needs; they only need water and music.

Enjoy! Feel free to ask any more questions.

See you in the game.

Nov 28, 2010
Someone else will probably also post this, but below is all the information you need regarding Couch Potatoes specifically:


If you get enough that you end up stacking, that I've heard can be tricky. Someone else may have to explain that one to you, as I understand it's not as simple as the three tier 69 medium plot stacking that I'm used to. There are probably videos showing how to do it too.

As far as when to harvest, if all you're doing it for is Mega Snacks, I'd skip the mature harvests. I skip them for my Evil Magma Peas because otherwise I quickly wind up with too many treasure cards in my spell book. I get tired of being told I can't receive any NEW treasure cards until there is more ROOM in my spell book, especially when I have too much gold to sell them.

But if you need gold, harvest as often as possible.

Mar 06, 2012
I have a Couch Potato garden going all the time. As soon as they transition from seed to little potato with their tiny antennae, i put a Putrid Bug Spray on (CP only gets level 1 pests) and a Pixie. When they get their first need I put both WindChimes and Monsoon on (48 hrs coverage) - usually will need to recast these spells one more time before elder harvest. When CP need the bees i add BeeHive (48 hours) sometimes this spell is only needed one time. You seldom need to add a Pixie after the first one is on, but i add if the pixie expires, i add another to ensure faster growing. In addition make sure you have all their likes: litter, sandwich station, garden gnome, king parsley plant (which you can let die and it is still effective), and either red bard farm or botanical gardens.

CP are very easy to grow and great 'return on investment' for your time. In addition, if you plan it well, you can get two elder harvests during double gardening XP and that means doubling your seeds. Good luck and have fun.