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A fix to not being able to tend your plants

Sep 26, 2009
The iphone/pad/- app would be really great as someone pointed out earlier. I bet they would make a ton of money on it. Anyway, i planted some plants about a week or so ago and they wilted once, i brought them back and now with about 1/8th of the bar left to elder..... I get to watch them wilt again
I think i should just remove them. I said this a while ago but i think it would also be cool if you could make spells for 88 hrs that cost all your energy. One for each thing: magic, water, sun, music, pollination, (anything else i am missing) That would be great. Both of the ways, KI would benefit.... 1. app cause it might be for like $1. ---- 2. Since it takes all your energy, ppl would buy potions.

I know that taking all of your energy is a TON of energy, but if its gonna last for 4 days, then all of the people who cant get on can garden for it. (i didnt want to make a certain number because of all the people who arnt legendary who pointed out that they didnt even have that much energy.) - (if there was a number, maybe it would be better.....) - (by all your energy i mean take all your energy at the max, not the 1 or 2 you have left.)

Anwyay what do other people think about this?

Nov 01, 2010
I really don't get this argument. even though i've seen it many times before. i mean, it's really simple.

1. check your garden once every 12-18 hours.

2. if you can't, then DO NOT plant anything. or run the risk of losing it.

i'm sorry but i don't feel sorry for the people who can't log in for 3 minutes to cast 3 spells to clean up their garden. if you are going on vacation or you aren't going to be near a computer for a few days...please re-read rule #2.

can't log in for 4 days seriously? lol then don't plant anything ! it takes less than 5 minutes, c'mon !

Sep 26, 2009
It seems that you get that some people cant get on weekly. Anyway I still dont get qhy i cant get on every day for about 5 min either Anyway, The reason i planted something was because i had a break from school and i was allowed to get on just enough for a week and a half of planting. Apparently thats not enough time for a garden to grow even with gnomes :( :(
Personally i love to garden, i am a rnk 7 gardener (dont know how in the work i got there cause i cant get on during the week......) anyway the drops are great and i have bought many spells for it. I just wish there was a way to check your garden without logging on and everything.