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300 object limit

Apr 19, 2014
I have been saving and buying crowns to get full magma and couch farm, just today i was able to get all the seeds i wanted, while planting the game kept telling me that i can't place more objects here!, i removed all trees and objects from my farm and it ended up looking very ugly! even with that i could not plant any more seeds!
i started counting and figured out that the prepared soil itself is been considered as an object!,,, the seed itself is been considered as an object!, i didn't i spend all that money for seeds that cannot plant all together, and to end up with ugly farm, give me more space to plant and be able to decorate with trees, give me some options, give me more elixirs to be able to place more object. the 300 object was not even enough for my seeds, how about decorating and pets?

Sep 17, 2012
Get another house for gardening. I keep regular houses for pets and decorating and a red barn farm for gardening only. Equip the decorated house, place a teleporter to the farm near the entrance. It's better for your garden that way, because it allows you to visit home without triggering garden needs. They only trigger if you go to the house with the gardens. You really can't keep a farm over 75 plants easily anyways. 75 requires 150 energy just to plant.

Apr 19, 2014
I have another house but i dont want to plant there since its not a like, i don't want to wait forever to harvest. ,,well its already taking very long time which most of us don't have. i think it would be nice to give the user the option to choose between real time and realistic gardening,. at least for spell animation.

Here is another thing,, i couldn't buy another redBarnFarm, i wonder what is the reason behind this limit? I need all my stuff in one place, plants, trees, pets,, etc

I suppose the game engine just can't handle more than 300 object. what i have currently in my farm is about 150 seed and 150 prepared soil. Those are meant to be treated as 2 or 3 objects not 300, they are supposed to be instances since they are a duplicate of the same mesh.

one more thing,, high quality textures is nice feature but it would be nice to add high quality meshes too currently all object in the game are low res, shading and lighting could be better too, why not to go GI?