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Will there be updates on fishing quest

Feb 15, 2014
I have completed all the fishing quests in both test realm and live realm, I really enjoy the fishing but I perfer a quest line for it instead of just random fishing and wasting energy, I love this game it took me 5 months to get maxed out of experience and reach level 100. I now love doing my gardens and fishing but I can't just waste the energy on random fish when I also need the energy for my gardens. Please make updates to quests for fishing, the test realm fishing sent me all over not just WC and GH.

Thank you

Destiny SpiritWhisper Level 100 storm

Dec 11, 2010
oh I am with you one hundred percent on this also we need new fish to catch I just reloaded the game and got flying catfish and black catfish in the commons when I know that they are not there yet come oon we need those new fish also would be nice to open some new areas to fish