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why did some fishing spell ranks change?

Jun 28, 2013

I like to fish. I completed the few quests. I, like everyone else who like fishing, hopes that there will be more quests. One thing that gave me hope was the spells that the NPC characters sell in GH. The ranks 5 spells were the same as the spells in wizard city, but a higher level version. This is sold by Haarek Silverscale.
The other (new npc) Frode silverscale sold a few spells that use to be rank 8 an 10, but now are all rank 6.
This lead me to believe that there will be more fishing quests. Being that the spells are such high rank to aquire. But now the ranks are lowered.
My question is why did this change?
I can only imagine that KI decided not to make anymore fishing quests.

Mark Dragonleaf L89 Storm
Expert Angler (L7)
Drop the bass (over 1000 caught)
Skipper (Over 50 different types caught)

Sep 17, 2012
Because with the limited quests and fish available to be caught first time for XP, level 8-10 were ridiculously high to attain. Lvl 6 takes work already well beyond finishing all the available quests. They have already said they are working on more fish and quest content to add in later updates. All they did was lower the spell costs to be more attainable at the current level of fishing available.

Dec 05, 2012
greyrose announced that already. cause they changed those ranks.

Sep 07, 2011
It's a good change. Rank 6 isn't crazy hard to get. The basic quests will get you to 5 or close. Catching unusual fish in other areas adds a lot of EXP.

I do wish there was half credit for the second fish we catch of a species, the way we get half credit for doing a dungeon a second time, but it isn't bad the way it is.