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We need a way to truly aim when casting

Jun 10, 2012
We're told aiming your cast is important, but there's no actual way to aim. All we can do is face in the general direction we want to cast and hope for the best. We need a way to control the force and trajectory of our cast, similar to what's in the Cannon Game and Grumpy Gobblers.

Mar 16, 2011
Your cast always goes the same distance. Practice and you'll get it right.

May 08, 2014
beastmaster202 on Jul 19, 2014 wrote:
Your cast always goes the same distance. Practice and you'll get it right.
I agree, practice and you will eventually predict where it will land and most of the time (me) i will always land it right infront of the desired fish :)

Good luck to your fishing progress i am sure you will get the hang of it :D

Wolf DarkShade 87 Death (lvl6 journeyman fisher)

Oct 10, 2010
I agree with the op. Having a fixed distance and direction for the cast is ridiculous. It doesn't work like that in real life. Plenty of times the water reflection effect makes it almost impossible to see your lure being taken, but you can't move your position to avoid it because of this fixed distance and casting restriction. If that's where the fish is, that's where you are going to have to cast.

Added to which once you have cast your view is fixed so you can't turn around to be keeping an eye on where other fish you have identified that are of interest are moving.

This fishing isn't as engaging as I first thought it would be :-(

Jun 10, 2012
I know the distance is fixed, and I have gotten better with practice, but I still want a way to truly adjust the force and angle of our cast. The problem with a fixed distance is that in order to aim you often have to go into the water, and that scares away fish. If I were fishing in real life I wouldn't be jumping in and out of the water.