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Vigrid Roughland Fishing

Nov 28, 2010
I'm not sure if I'm the only one having this problem, but I have difficulties fishing in Vigrid Roughland. The area by the waterfall and the area with all of the geysers are the main problem.

The water is so bright that I can barely distinguish the schools, other than Death, when I cast the Reveal Fish School spell. I spend more energy casting that spell trying to figure out the schools than I do on actual fishing. Fire and Myth are very hard to tell apart unless you're up close. If Fire and Myth are blending in that much with the water, the very rare Ice school Polar Bear Acuda will be virtually impossible to distinguish in either of these areas.

The other problem is that I can't even see the fish in the really bright blue water. A lot of times I unknowingly walk over them and scare them off. It's not until they get into or close to the white water that I can see their shadows.

I've played on two different computers, tried adjusting display settings including brightness, and nothing seems to make it any better.

Apr 25, 2009
You are right. The water while fishing there is too 'bright', and it is tough to see the fish or even what school lure to use. I moved on to a cave in GH where you can see the fish clearly. But, if you're trying to catch a specific fish in VR, then unless the water becomes darker, it will be tough.

Feb 26, 2012
I have had this challenge too -- it is a difficult area to see what you are doing. Sometimes changing position helps, or once you get a glimpse of the fish just going for it. It also helps to use the reveal school spell, lock on your target area, and just go for it fast.

Jul 27, 2009
Mar 02, 2011
I am pretty sure you have to turn "Bloom Active" off in order to see fish more clearly in some areas.

Nov 28, 2010
Great advice! I just tried that and it's much better. Thanks!