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The Inaccessibly of Fishing

Oct 12, 2012
Hello KingsIsle and Wizard101 fandom,
I'm writing this thread not to complain about the fishing mechanic, as it appears easy enough and fishing has becoming a hobby for wizards across the spiral. It also has become a crucial activity necessary for crafting many higher-level or rare items. This however is also it's downfall for me. I've been playing since the release of Azteca and have found gardening, another necessity for crafting, a very simple and accessible activity. Simply correspond your garden spells to the needs of the plant. Fishing on the other hand, requires a a player to look around the screen and the world and properly aim the lure. as a player with a vision disability, this is every frustrating, especially in my quest to craft the Digmore Pogo stick. I am not trying to complain, nor do I have a viable solution that wouldn't directly affect fishing for the general Wizard101 populace. I just wanted to bring this to attention and hear back from players on their opinions over the topic. So what do you think about the fishing mechanic in-game? Does it wor for you? do you have any ideas that could improve the system. I would love to hear any feedback.