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Places to fish

May 31, 2009
Caught a unique fish in Kishibe Village in Moo shu resembled a Sumo wrestler. My fishing holes are getting small and looking for new territory with new fish, so far i have fished all wizard city, and Krocktopia the entrance hall and emperor retreat. In Marleybone i found no places to fish at all., in Moo shu i fished the tree of life, Shoshun village, and shirlanki temple. In Dragonspyre i found no fishing at all. Celicia, no fishing at all, most of the higher worlds i have not found any fishing there at all, In Grizz H I found savastard pass, Mirikm Keep, and a couple other places along with heilgrad where storm is, nice sun Ray fist there, i believe its fire.
Does game have a place to go to see where fishing has been set up? Perhaps there is fishing in Marleybone but i couldn't find it. Any help will be appreciated, Plus I hope the game introduces new fishing quests, I would love a quest to go to a spot to catch a Malistaire fish :) or even a Moolinda fish, or an ambrose fish.

Sep 17, 2012
Jun 15, 2013
I caught a dragon eel in Mooshu yesterday. Got a nice xp bonus from it too.