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ol'boots A joke ?

Dec 14, 2010
Hi every one .I did answer my own question to an earlier post ,Yes you can catch the "eggshell" fish during the spring festival, But that brings me to the "ol' boots" fish .If the eggshells are out you would think that the ol' boots
would be out being that easter comes after April 1st. I have went through 4 energy elixers with my energy level at 166 ,my fishing luck at 35% fishing in the winter wind tower using balance winnow and winnow rank one fish and still did not catch it ,lots of archers but no Ol' boots is this fish a joke ? like HA HA April fools ?

Aug 03, 2014
It's not April the 1st yet!

If you have access to Shoshun Village you might like trying there instead when it is time. Winter Wind Tower also has Archer fish which are common rank 1 balance fish, but Shoshun Village only has the possibility of the Bubba Fish which is an epic rank 2 balance fish. If that balance fish isn't the ol' boot at least you get an epic fish instead and there are unlikely to be many of them, unlike the archer fish.

I hope this is helpful

Aug 03, 2014
The Ol' Boot is here!

IGNORE my previous post about Shoshun Village! I just used a ton of energy there on 4 wizards and failed to get it! I'm now in the Darkmoor Manor house instead and not only is it the only balance fish but because the water etc is so dark it shows up like a beacon when I use reveal fish school! This is way better and I've had 2 wizards get it first reveal. I wonder if the wiki is incorrect about Shoshun Village being one of the locations for this fish? Either way, Darkmoor Manor is great for it