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Not 1 keeper

May 31, 2009
Well I fished my entire energy bottle not 1 keeper fish, and i had on extra clothing for it to get more energy. The minor mixture that is suppose to help in fishing, i wouldn't buy cause it seem to not be working. After emptying my energy bottle i stop fishing, even if i bought more energy, i probably use up that bottle and not even get 1 keeper. Game needs to do some adjusting on the catch ratio of the fish you need to complete a quest. Cause evidently from this experience you can fish up an entire energy bottle and get zero for effort, Oh you will get fish you can sell, but I fish for those i need not those i want to sell. I have several wizards that are waiting to fish again, but every time i bring them in game they just lose fish and the energy is wasted so i am sitting back and waiting, maybe adjustments will be made and it might get better, if not, Hey, I can always go back to questing and leave the fish to those that want to fill their bottles. will stay away from game a few days let things build and come back and see what experience i have.

May 31, 2009
I am now in my 3rd day and have now gone through numerous energy bottles, I only have 1 good quest fish to show for this, my other wizards some are in GH fishing so i know how to fish, why this certain wizard is taking so long i do not know, This morning i started with 139 in energy, i stop at 50 cause he was just losing fish and not catching hardly any at all, then all the fish dissapeared, i changed realms and still no fish. I am thinking that fishing is not for this fire wizard.He still needs all the fish but 1 so i think i will just let this wizard sit, is there any way to just remove the fishing part of the game off the wizard?

Sep 19, 2013
Are you sure you're doing it right? If you invoke the lure before it goes completely under (there's a sound) you lose the fish. Or maybe Morganthe has put a curse on you.

Oct 24, 2010
You might want to open your fishing book... I think you've missed something. While I've had fish get away, I've also caught a whole bunch of fish and all on the initial quest except the Sharkspeare. And have gone through no elixirs except the free ones.

May 08, 2014

I have not found fishing to be that hard and here are few tips from me, Journeyman (lvl6) Fisherman, that is free and not required to buy anything (elixirs).

-If looking for specific fish check out Duelist101 website on the locations, greatly helped there.

-If looking for epics always use at least one Reveal All School spell, and if possible to walk in the body of water (like commons, Cycolps Lane, etc) use that spell and chase the other non-specific school away.

-If no fish are showing/spawning, switch realms or just go do something else and come back (if your in a dungeon just finish the quest and come back, something to do while waiting)

I don't recommend buying the Major/Minor fishing luck... i tried it once (major luck potion) and seemed to have more bad luck with it, all fish gotten away (i had 7 in a row gotten away, and in the end no EPIC or RARE)

Fishing is like in real life... you can't expect to ALWAYS find the one your looking for, but thats the fun of it.. the surprises and luck. So, good luck to all fisherman and keep on fishing!