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New Free Mounts from Fishing???

Jun 30, 2010
Hello there! My wizard name is Fallon AngelHaven. Yesterday, I purchased the Polarian Explorer's bundle at GameStop. While I was on, my sis also logged on and teleported to me while I was in my house. I showed her around and she loves fishing so much, that I let her fish. While she was fishing, she caught a treasure chest! Inside the chest was a Battle Narwhal Mount. I thought, "Oh maybe it's just a one day" but then I looked at it, and it was a permanent! This surprised me, because I have never heard of getting permanent bundle mounts from the home of a bundle. I am currently asking this to see if this is either a glitch, something accidently released early, or she was EXTREMELY lucky. Anyways, I hope someone can find an answer soon.


Fallon AngelHaven

Dec 13, 2012
I haven't gotten a mount from a chest, but I was just fishing at someones Sultans Palace house and caught a chest that gave me a white teleporter.

Jun 30, 2010
Wow, nice! I think that kingsisle made fishing in homes sound not that enthusiastic, but really put special prizes into fishing at homes! They probably hid this so it wouldn't be too easy to get items like these. Thanks for commenting! you're one out of 70 people to comment!


Fallon AngelHaven

Aug 13, 2008
hi Fallon just wanted to say hi you are very lucky people and who knows but i will be fishing for sure Brian Spirithorn

Jul 22, 2015
I was fishing at someone's house and a chest gave me 2,000 some gold, and a Crowns Only sword wand, +1 pip, and some weapon cast. Just shows how much luck ya got ;P

-Matthew Swiftflame, Lvl. 30 wizard

Jul 18, 2009
Hi Fallon, yes all bundle mounts are now fish-able from their respective houses. I hear it's extremely rare though! You can read about the update that came to fishing when Polaris was released here: http://adventuresofthespiral.com/wizard101/new-features-to-fishing/