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New Aquarium Idea

Jul 28, 2010
I made this post a little bit ago, but it never showed up, so I'm not sure what happened, so I'm sorry if you suddenly see 2 posts that are extremely similar.

But anyways, let's get started... I have a new idea to make Aquariums much more interactive, fun to look at , and fun to use.

Essentially, you can put more fish in each aquarium, and we would eliminate the 9 different types of aquarium tanks down to 3.
There would be 3 tanks: A Small, Medium, and Large tank.

By using only 3 tanks, it would help clear up the many confusions that are currently here with the Aquarium sets, and what not.
A small tank would only be able to hold 1 Small Fry Fish. Thats it. However, beyond that, you can change everything up.
A medium tank would be able to hold 1 Keeper Fish, OR 2 Small Fry Fish
A large tank would be able to hold 1 Large Fish, OR 2 Keeper Fish, OR 1 Keeper fish and 2 Small Fry Fish, OR 4 Small Fry Fish.

And something else that I think would be interesting would be a crowns only item called XL Tank.

This tank could hold 2 Whopper Fish, OR 4 Keeper Fish, etc.

There would be a fish ratio, so that way you can find out just how many fish can go in an aquarium. The fish ratio would work like this:
2 Small Fry Fish go into every 1 Keeper Fish.
2 Keeper Fish go into every Whopper Fish.

I hope you guys and gals like this idea, and feel free to modify it how you please. I just think it would make Wizard101 fishing more appealing for decorating the aquariums, and clear up a lot of the evident confusion with the current version.

Keep on being great, Wizard101!
-Joseph Ogreblood Level 73 Storm

Jul 28, 2010
Update: I was revising some of the things I mentioned above, and I am thinking maybe 6 Tanks would have to be available... Then you could have Small, Medium, and Large Square Tanks, as well as Small, Medium, and Large Tall Tanks!


May 08, 2014
I like this idea of being able to hold other types or multiple fish in a tank... would greatly save money and time on buying/crafting tanks

Oct 10, 2010
That makes a lot more sense, although more work for KI and less revenue because, lets face it, they want to sell more aquariums and that's how you do it by selling a confusing array of them in packs of three. Although maybe they would sell more if it were made easier to understand, use and looked more attractive. If you only can put one fish in a tank and it doesn't swim around or react to any other fish you might as well just stuff it and mount it on a wall as a trophy.

Dec 12, 2012
I totally think tanks should be able to hold more than one fish. As long as the tank is big enough and has enough room you should be able to add fish. Who really has a tank with a single fish in it get real KI !

Apr 09, 2011
well fishing has just started and the few crafted items that need fish are not that many.
but having more than one fish in the tank would be nice.