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More fish in a single Aquarium?

Dec 30, 2012
I understand the Aquariums are more of a single trophy stand for fish, but I would love to add more fish and let them swim around.
Heck even adding little accessories inside the aquarium, like a sunken castle or ship would be amazing.
Also think there should be such a thing as a, "Wall Aquarium" where it takes up most of the entire wall!

Jan 23, 2009
I agree I would rather they all be in one big aquarium as opposed to being one fish per tank. Its more of a hobby to collect them and display them I would need a whole castle made just for the display to tank them all.

Feb 26, 2012
I agree. I would like multiple fish in an aquarium too. I like your Wall Aquarium idea too -- like the big ones at zoos. But it would be hard to do -- maybe in the build it yourself castle parts?

Sep 04, 2014
Yeah agreed, and me too! I really love fishing in the various place of the spiral in Wizard 101
and collecting the fish and tanking them is a big goal of mine. I even tanked my first shark
spear before I finished the quest that required it, hah!

But I have learned there is no giant aquariums in the game where I can place some of my trophy
fish. I catch so much that it's nothing to me to put a bunch of rare fish in a giant aquarium but
making all the aquariums needed for each trophy fish is kind of too hard and costly.

Would love it if kingsisle could allow us to craft 1 giant aquarium that holds 20 or 30 fish or more.
That would make my game, oh yeah, good post!

PS: I head about the new private magic pond you can buy but I still would prefer a giant aquarium
to go with it.