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Aug 10, 2009
KI could we please get more fishing quests? or maybe a daily fishing quest? You could go to the guy who you learned fishing from every day and he would give you a fish or list of fish to catch that day. If you return to him having caught all the fish on the list you would get a prize of some kind. maybe crowns or gold or a random pet snack??


Dec 07, 2012
That is a great idea! It is boring to just wander around finding new fish to catch especially when you only want to fish. Getting a new list of fish a day or even throughout the day would be great! Even if you already have the fish, if it is not caught after you received the list of fish to catch wouldn't count. Also a great incentive as a prize would be to earn a certain amount of energy to continue to fish. Once you have turned in the list having the option of getting a new list would be great and keep it interesting. Especially if the list of fish to catch get more and more difficult and of course the prizes would also continue to get better and better!