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Lure ranks?

Dec 26, 2013
I have been using ONLY rank 2 lures to catch all fish regardless of the actual fish's rank. My assumption was that if I'm trying to catch a rank 1 fish and I use a rank 2 lure it would increase my chances of landing the fish. Higher is better right? After reading through a couple of fishing guides it seems as though my assumption might be incorrect. I've seen it stated that it's best to match the rank of lure to the rank of fish. Can anyone (KI?) give me a definitive answer to this question? It might not seem like a big deal but if you catch 10 fish with a rank 2 lure that you could have caught with a rank 1 you waste 10 points of energy, not to mention the extra 1 point you lose when they "get away".

Sep 17, 2012
My assumption is the same, and I see less get away with rank 2 lures. I have found that matching school seems to matter more than matching rank though. Most of my rank 2 fish were caught on rank 1 lures mainly because I caught them before I had rank 2.