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Kembaalung Village

Jun 08, 2009
So, I already ran this mission on my main wizard before they made the recipe for the regular keep multi-tank. I need the Kid Carps, but the guides all say this fish is only found in Kembaalung Village. Is there some way for me to get back in there after I've completed it? Or am I going to have to go fish it with my lowbie characters when they open it up and transfer them over to my main? And then what happens after they're all done with Kembaalung Village and I want to make more multi-tanks? This seems a little like racketeering and forcing us to buy crowns to get the tanks to me.

Aug 12, 2013
If you already completed the quest, you can go back the same way, whenever you want to.

Jul 19, 2013
I think you have the same idea I had until I actually did the dungeon. So Kembaalung Vilage is not the actual dungeon. It is the location of the dungeon, kinda like how Dragonsypre is not a Dungeon, but the Great Spire is. Within the Kembaalung Village there is 2 dungeons. First is the Pangoda of Harmony, then there is a follow up one. You can enter and re enter to your hearts content, and fish to. Good luck catching the Kid Carp! :)

-Rebecca Ashhunter

Jun 08, 2009