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Is fishing worth it?

Jan 27, 2012
I still have only caught one fish and it was in test realm. I went to sell it and was offered a measly 132 gold. I didnt bother wasting my time anymore and just went to live realm. Now that fishing is out I havent even talked to the pelican guy. Is it worth my time to fish? Or are the rewards not great enough to worry about fishing? Keep in mind my lowest level account is level 61 (excluding my low lvl pvp character), and I stay over 150k in gold at all times.

Aug 28, 2010
I was a bit of a sceptic myself. I like training my pets and was worried that it was just a waste. But I've found fishing to be fun and rewarding (as well a good way to spend extra energy left before logging off). The most I've ever been offered for a fish is 750, but you can also find chests with crown shop items, gold, and fishing tanks which are great for decoration, if you're into that. I'd say fishing is worth it, but I wouldn't use all of my energy on it. I tend to do it right before I log off.

Hope my opinion helps!

Jul 03, 2012
Fishing might be a waste of energy, but your friends will be jealous when they see your aweosme fish at your house. Another reason is TREASURE CHESTS. When you get them you get an item, a reagent, and gold. The items can be a crown item. A CROWN ITEM. I got a crown item wand and a fish tank. So yes, it is worth it.

Sep 17, 2012
It really depends on your level and energy use. For many players, we've trained perfect or close enough pets. We continue to garden, but there's always excess energy at high levels unles you are actively training a specific pet at that time. You can balance that though. I also have gotten some really cool crown items from fishing chests, several crown wands and couple Lil Sirens and other crown pets. It all depends on being able to balance with other things. I typically go check my garden one last time before logging off, take care of needs, then go finish off the remaining energy fishing for fish I haven't caught yet.

Dec 30, 2008
I think the whole thing with the aquariums makes fishing pretty useless. You should be able to put 2 or 3 fish in an aquarium depending on the size of the aquarium. It is too complicated as it is trying to decide which size tank you need for the special fish that you want to showcase. It's obvious that the creators of Wiz have never had a real aquarium or they would know that fish get lonely too and would allow you to put more fish in them!

Mar 30, 2014
When fishing came out I was like, yeah I'll try it but now I love it! I am not a very high level ( only 20 right now) and in krokatopia I wanted to buy a new set of clothes so I could get more mana and stuff but it was so much gold! But I fished alot and spent my energy and now I have over 20,000 gold! By selling my fish. I have caught at least 4 fares before in unicorn way and those sell for alot. (The treasure chests help too). So I would totally fish if you need gold. Aquariums are a waste I think I just need to sell my fish. So yeah fishing is totally worth it!

Emily Deathdust