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I can't stop fishing

Sep 01, 2009
Okay, is anyone else completely and utterly obsessed with fishing? I have no idea why this appeals to me so much, but I can't stop. I'm cruising around <insert world name here>, see water, see fish, and bam, I screech to a halt, and start fishing.

And thanks, KI, for the Jackson Pollock fish. That made this art snob very, very happy.

Must log off, must sleep. MUST FISH!

May 08, 2014
I love fishing also! I caught about 3/4 of all the fishes just need few more epics to complete the current collection :D I love that Jackson fish also but love the Japanese Themed fishes more (ninja,samurai, sumo, etc) they fit my house theme best :P and the grumpy cat fish is super cute cause i am sure they based that fish out of the grumpy cat in real life... google it and you will see :P

Happy Fishing friend!

Wolf Darkshade 87
Expert (7) Fisherman

May 22, 2009
I detest fishing in real life so thought I would feel the same about fishing in the game. Boy, was I wrong! I LOVE fishing. I get a sort of a small thrill when the fish comes out of the water and it is one I haven't yet seen. I am looking forward to additional areas of fishing.

Jun 28, 2013
Yes I also got the fishing "BUG" lol.

And to all that ask what is the point of fishing, I say to them BECAUSE IT IS SOMETHING TO DO IN THE GAME!! why would you ask such a simple question? For that matter then what is the point of playing the game at all? because it is something to do! It is fun. Finding the different fish, the rare and epic ones. trying the different fishing holes. It is a very good companion hobby for wizard101.

Mark Dragonleaf Journeyman fisherman
Fish caught over 800
Just shy of 50 different types