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how the new fishing update is to me.

Sep 24, 2010
I like the new fishing update to wizard 1o1. And I hope that they do it to all the worlds. I hope they add dragon fish because i like dragons and i like to fish if there is dragon fish out there the i hope that they and more ok i am level 83 storm and i can co almost any where is the spiral. I hope that they make the fish that you catch training pets so i hope they do that too that would be really cool and i pretty shore that more peopel would be happyer if you could train the fish you catch i would i am still happy with the new update but that what was on my mind thank you wizard 1o1 players and the wizard 1o1 makers for doing the new update i hope you take my post and see is you xcan make the fish you catch in to training pet or when you get higher in fishing rank you get tio train then that would be cool to. once again thank you wizard 1o1 players and makers you did my family a big happy time playing wizard game I am a son to the family and i like the game so thank you can you try to put in that up date if you guys can can you put more fish in the higher up world and can you make like fish that can go into dragonspyer lava and put fish in the alalon and the level 80 and up world thank you io gtg like this post joshua water brezze over and out.