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Glitch after catching a fish

May 14, 2013
Anyone had the problem of not being able to get out of the celebration after catching a fish?

Had it happen a few times now I have to exit the game then log back in to continue playing.


Jun 26, 2009
Yes. Happened on two different characters after achieving second rank. You do a cheer and you are frozen in that position. All I could do was log out and back in.

May 21, 2011
I've been having this problem too. However if you wait about ten seconds, the fish will appear out of nowhere and you will stop.

Jun 16, 2014
I am having all kinds of issues since the new update ...All of the sudden everyone will stop moving and i can still run around but am not able to talk to anybody or leave the commons, and cant even click to teleport home or anywhere else and even when i click quit that will not work and i have to press ALT-F4 to close the program... I have only been able to catch 2 fish cause everytime i catch one it will not allow me to cast again or click quit and i have to reload the game ... This is so irritating i actually would rather not even have the fish update so at least my game would play