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Game needs to be more clear

May 31, 2009
What is the benefit of using Minor fishing spells over lesser fishing spells? Does the Minor catch fish better? does the minor catch certain fish that lesser will not? Has to be something to it cause minor uses more energy so it must be a benefit some how, Game if you can please explain and it would be nice to have something in the book about it. somewhere to look for information as to what the difference is in these two type spells.
Inquiring minds want to know :)

May 08, 2014
Hey i hope i can try help explain my thoughts and tips for fishing system :)

I recommend using MINOR bait if your trying go for epic/rare fish as it does seem to have a bit better chance in my experiences. Use the lesser for commons and simple regular fish, saving 1 energy off that will add up.

Most fishes in early worlds (Commons+ravenwood+triton+etc) all seem to work with Lesser bait to me, i caught a epic fish with lesser there, so it is possible.

If you are tying to go for a fishing collection like me, highly suggest you be a high level Wiz for the extra energy and if possible pick up some Energy gear (green warden is best) to make use of your time.

Hope this helped you, happy fishing!

Wolf Darkshade 87 Expert (lvl7) Fisherman