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Fishing XP

May 09, 2010
Hey everyone! I understand fishing is awesome, but I unfortunately got some complaints to fill in. I have no idea if Kingsisle will ever see this or not, but to anyone out there who has suggestions for me, please let me know in the comments below! Alright, let's get started:
Getting to level five seems impossibly difficult. You only get 11 XP from each fish you catch, and need a total of 12165! (Without the fishing quests, which don't give enough XP) I need to get to level five so I can get the better lures, but it may take hundreds of fish just to fill one bar! Just one lesser lure will never help me get the fish I want to display,, and there are no more fishing quests to gain extra XP on!
I also saw that some fish give out "Initial XP." So I tried to catch a Stormacuda, which give some out,but when I caught it, it just gave me eleven: the normal amount of XP for catching a fish.What's the deal with that? Does Duelist101 have it's facts wrong? Please, if ANYONE has any idea on how I can level up, please fill me in.

You're desperate wizard, Blaze Stormmancer

Jun 15, 2013
i don't know for sure if i have my facts right but i think is the farther the world the better xp you will get. for example if i fished in zafaria i'm more likely to get more xp.

Mar 16, 2011
Every time you catch a fish you have never caught before, you get ~1000-1500 xp. I would advise going to new areas using many different lures to catch new fish. I did this and got to level 5 fairly quickly.

Jan 18, 2013
How are low level chars suppose to get exp. if they cant go to these places? a level 7 char would not be able to advance very far and would lose interest.

Jun 15, 2013
nightwolf62 on Jul 20, 2014 wrote:
How are low level chars suppose to get exp. if they cant go to these places? a level 7 char would not be able to advance very far and would lose interest.
higher lvl friends could work

May 08, 2014
Hey friends hope I can help you with this topic,

1. Fish different types that you never caught before, that is best way to obtain experiences (1000+ exp for new types NOT caught) like someone mention earlier.

2. If you are low level then i HIGHLY suggest you hold off fishing till you are higher levels with more zones to go to.... why are you wasting you time and energy when you can go quest or try complete other things in the game?

3. If you lose interest like someone said then, DO SOMETHING ELSE, there is farming plants, questing (main priority for you low levels), training your pets is fun.

This is brand new system just released and consider it still in testing stage, so there will be plenty of time till new updates for new worlds to fish at and by then you should be higher level or to obtain the zone.

Wolf Darkshade 87 Expert (7) Fisherman

Nov 30, 2009
You get 1100 for catching a regular small fry and keeper and whopper. you get 1300 for a rare fish and 1800-1900 for an epic fish.