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fishing shining scales

Jul 26, 2013
I have been fishing constantly for shining scales. I've gone about everywhere in the spiral to find them. The times that I do get chest there are NO scales in them. Please KI can you make them easier to get. All I'm catching are mainstream Decoi.
It get's so frustrating spending all the time and energy just to catch those fish and lose all that energy and then catch one chest and a get a stupid bed, some money, and a pearl.

Aug 03, 2014
Sorry to hear you're finding it frustrating. I was advised to try the Acropolis house, winnow ice fish and then catch what's there. There were usually only a couple of ice fish and had almost 50% chance they were chests. I got the shining scales quite easily by that method.

If you don't have an Acropolis house you can go to one through housing tours.

Winnow spells can be bought from Timor Flamecaster just inside the Labyrinth (no battles needed and porting is fine). You need to be at least rank 3 fishing and they cost 1000 gold each.

I heard about getting them this way when shining scales were fairly new so there may be somewhere even easier/better that is known about now, but I found it pretty easy to get them this way so hope it's helpful to you too

Good luck!

Jul 26, 2013
I just wanted to say thanks about the advice for fishing shining scales. I did go to the acropolis house and used the ice lures. Within about thirty minutes I had caught my shining scales I needed. Thank you so much. Your advice was wonderful!!!!!