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Fishing - I love it too much.

Dec 26, 2013
Dear KI,
I have a serious problem with the newly added fishing option. I'm getting nothing else done! All of my plants are dead. My pets haven't eaten in weeks. I am so obsessed with getting all of the different species of fish that I've dedicated all of my wizards to collecting the fish needed to craft aquariums. Now I need to buy a bigger house to handle all of the aquariums I have for my main wizard (nearing 50 at this point). Lifeacudas, Catfish and Frost Dekoi are close to being added to the endangered species list. All of my wizards' friends are upset at them because they're always too busy fishing to quest with them. This is out of control. Intervention has been suggested but, heh, obviously I'm too busy fishing to put up with any of that nonsense. KI, I hold you responsible! Fishing is entirely too much fun!

(P.S. - please add more fish)

Yours truly,
Acrimonious Angler