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Fishing Fuss

May 12, 2009
Hello to all,
This is just an idea to help make fishing a bit easier!
On one of my characters, my main pet is a Coldfire Dragon, who I usually have equipped all the time. Now, when I go fishing, I find that my line of vision is obscured by the flapping of my dragon's wings. Yes, I know I can just un-equip the pet (in which I end up doing), but I do tend to forget quite often. If KingsIsle could fix it so pets would be behind you when you're looking through your fishing view, that would make it much more fun and easy for quite a few of us.
Best of luck with your lures!

~Shannon Skybreaker

Mar 27, 2011
I suggest un-equipping your pet, mount, and wand. I gets them out of the way and makes the transitions from regular to fishing quicker since there are fewer animations. It's also nicer to others fishing in the area if everyone is quieter.