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Emperor's Retreat Fish Respawn

Oct 09, 2013
I'm interested in how the fish respawn in dungeon fishing locations like Emperor's Retreat. I'm specifically trying to catch Silver Streak. I'm trying to do that by restarting the dungeon each time it expires and reopening the door to the ice lake by defeating the two princes again. However, every time after the first two attempts, there were absolutely no Ice fish in any of the three ponds. Do I actually have to finish the dungeon or fish out all the fish in it for them to respawn?

May 26, 2012
They have a spell that makes all the fish respond in the area (I think grizzleheim). You could also just leave through the door and come back in.

May 22, 2009
I learned restarting the dungeon does not restock the fish. I would suggest getting to rank 6 in order to get the summon fish spell. It restocks the fish in an area.

Just a little hint. Before using a reveal school spell in order to get the silver streak, study the 'ponds' in that area. If you see a fish zipping around as if they just drank a full pot of coffee then that is the one you want. They are VERY fast.

I happened to get lucky and found one there. It was in the first 'pond'. LOL. I chased him around that little 'pond' for nearly a half hour before finally getting the cast just right. Of course I forgot I had a slow fish spell. DOH.